W01 - Papuan girl with headband
W02 – Augustinian novices in chapel, Sorong.
W03 – Novices at table, Sorong.
W04 – Novices in the kitchen, Sorong.
W05 – In the library at Sorong.
W06 – Volleyball advice.
W07 – Asrama trophies.
W08 – Fr Marcel O.S.A., Sorong.
W09 – Fr Paul O.S.A. at St Augustinus high school, Sorong.
W10 – Fr Paul O.S.A. with student group, Sorong.
W11 – Fr Paul O.S.A. revisits the classroom, Sorong.
W12 – Class group at St Agustinus high school, Sorong.
W13 – Fr Paul at St Peter’s Church, Sorong.
W14 – Augustinians of the Sorong area.
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