City of God

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2123 Introduction

“Glorious things are spoken of you, O City of God." (Psalm 86:3). De civitate Dei ("City of God") was written by Augustine over the years 413 to 427, and is his most influential work.


2124 synopsis

In point form, what follows is an overview of the Christian teaching of the City of God.


2125 Philosophy and the City of God

The City of God represents the first and possibly the greatest exposition of Christian philosophy.


2126 Its reputation

The City of God has had its effect on numerous subsequent thinkers or many different centuries.


2127 its psychology

Augustine cleverly tapped into the psychological importance of Rome to the citizens of its Empire.


2128 The sack of Rome

The attack happened on 24 August 410, and Augustine first preached about it on 22 September, and again three days later.


2130 Its contents

This page will concentrate on the composition and content of the book.


2131 Its theme

For his thematic image in the City of God, Augustine used the theological idea of the kingdom of God from the New Testament.


2132 City of God - in English

The first English language edition of the City of God was printed in 1610.


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