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Prayer: Daily Bread

St Augustine : Augustinian nun Bulacan Philippines
Augustinian nun

"Prayer that is pure and directed to God by a faithful heart arises like incense from a holy altar. No fragrance is more pleasing to the Lord. Let it rise from all who believe." [Saint Augustine, Enarrationes in. Ps. 140, 5]

Below are links to sites that offer a different prayer or reflection for each day of the year:

Augustine Day by Day - For each day of the year, a one-page reflective excerpt from the writings of Augustine. Originally edited by the late John Rotelle O.S.A. of Villanova University, United States of America.

Reflective Novena to Saint Augustine. By the Archdiocese of Manila. (Slow to load.)

One minute meditations - Changed daily.

Daily Reflection. Written by Don Talafous O.S.B. of St John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, United States of America. A different reflection every day.

Daily Prayer in the Classroom - Another service of Catholic Communications, Australia. Very of Catholic Communications, Australia. Very helpfully, a different prayer is provided each day for primary and secondary schools, and feast days of the saints are noted.  Composed and supplied by the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta, Australia, according to local term dates.

Daily Prayer
- Prayer and Meditation prepared by staff of Creighton University at Omaha, Nebraska in the United States. Although looking crowded and rather unattractive, this site is nevertheless visited over 1,000 times a day. The site also contains Stations of the Cross, which a person can pray while at his or her computer monitor.

Daily Prayer - Prayer and meditation prepared by staff of Catholic Australia.

Praying each day - From the De La Salle Brothers in the United Kingdom.

Virtual Meditation Room. You can stay on any of the images as long as you like. The personal gospel pages will provide you with passages from the Bible with your name in them. Print them off and reflect on them in your own time. Let your mind empty and just concentrate on the images and see where they lead you. If you are ready, you can begin. May the Lord guide you! From the web site of the Parish of Springfield, Tallagh, Dublin, Ireland.


Prayers for Every Occasion. A site from a group of people in Santa Clara, California.

Next Sunday's homily. From the Augustinians of the Villanova (eastern) Province, U.S.A.
Emmaus Series. Sunday reflections (including the coming Sunday's homily), plus archived reflections for all Sundays and major feast days in the liturgical Cycle Years A, B and C. This is the web site of an Australian priest-theologian, Fr John Thornhill S.M.


Lectio Notebook. This page is updated every Saturday, on the web site of the Cictercian Monastery at Gennesee, New York, United States of America. Click on the date of last Saturday, and at the bottom of that page read the "box" called Lectio Notebook. It usually features a piece of information about prayer. Well worth a look. (This link appears with the kind permission to Augnet from the Prior of the Cistercian Abbey, Genesee, New York, United States of America.)
Augnet has another page of prayer links that is called Prayer: Sacred Space. Click here.

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Prayer: Daily Bread
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