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Clare of Montefalco

St Augustine : Clare of Montefalco
Clare of Montefalco
Saint Clare of the Cross of Montefalco was born in 1268 in Montefalco, Italy.
Her life reminds us that we are all called to a life of prayer and dedication.
She was the first Abbess to direct the Montefalco Monastery and its nuns, which was governed by the Rule of Saint Augustine.
Saint Clare loved the poor people, the ill and all those who suffered.
To all those who came to the door in need, she gave whatever she could.
Her heart was so forgiving that she even helped those who had spoken evil of her and who wished evil upon her.
Clare of Montefalco. By Brother Thomas_Taylor O.S.A. in Chicago.
Saint Clare of Montefaclo (1268-1308). She was blessed with infused knowledge and powerfully defended the truths of faith. She was deeply devoted to the Passion of Christ, and her heart was filled with love of the Cross. During her last days, she revealed that in her heart she carried the impression of the Cross of Christ. By Jack Pejza O.S.A. in California, United States of America.
Saint Clare. Born in 1268 of a rich family in Montefalco, Italy, Clare was the lively, sincere, and intelligent daughter of Damiano and Iacopa Vegente. In Italian, her name was "Chiara," which means "clear, bright, pure." While yet a teenager, Clare chose Christ as her one true love…. From the California Province of the Augustinians.

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Clare of Montefalco
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