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St Augustine : A senior friar, Korea
A senior friar,
The Augustinian Region of Korea was founded in the year 1985.
This was the result of a direct initiative in Rome of the Augustinian General Chapter, the main governing body of the Order, in 1983.
Within two years of a commitment being made by the Province of Australia and the Province of England and Scotland to jointly sponsor the venture, the first community of four Augustinians was established in Korea at the invitation of the Diocese of Incheon.
As the two Augustinians of the Anglo-Scottish withdrew, personnel from the Philippines Province of Cebu assisted in the Region from 1993 to April 2011 One Australian now remains asthe only foreign-born Augustinian serving in Korea..
The Region accepted their first Korean candidates in 1990 and still regards the task of training these first indigenous Augustinians as its primary ministry.

At the time of the most recent Delegation Assembly (January 2014) the Augustinian Delegation of Korea has eleven Korean-born members in solemn vows (six priests, four lay brothers, and one clerical student), six in simple vows and one postulant. One Australian priest remains there as the only expatriate Augustinian in the Delegation

The Region completed its first major building program, the construction of a central house located in Incheon City, in 1994. (See next page for ministry details.)

In 1998 the Region of Korea opened its second major building, at Kang-hwa Island, a rural area that is an hour by road from the city of Incheon.
This Augustinian Formation Centre is for the use of the Augustinian candidates who study at the Incheon Diocesan Seminary, which is located nearby.
The latest project is a residence to the north of Seoul in the new diocese of Uijeongbu.
On 17th March 2005 three Augustinians moved there to a house in the mountains near the tiny village of Do-Shin-Ri, to form a new community.
They minister to groups and individuals who come there to be led in prayer for one or more days.
The members of the Region have also endeavoured to foster an interest in the work and spirit of the Order among the lay people of the Korean Church with whom they come in contact through the formation of small groups of Secular Augustinians.
These groups support the Order with their prayers and assist with their time and energies in many ways.
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