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Africa: East - 02

St Augustine : Fort Jesus, built by Portugal, Mombasa, Kenya
Fort Jesus,
built by Portugal,
Mombasa, Kenya
In 1499 the sailor and explorer Vasco de Gama returned to the Indian Ocean and took possession of Zanzibar, where he established an Augustinian convent.
After initial Portuguese action against Kilwa and Mombasa, Afonso de Albuquerque took over the fleet in 1506 and attacked Arab shipping, turning the Indian Ocean into a Portuguese lake.
In 1507 the Portuguese took Soqotra, and island inhabited by Christians off the horn of Africa, Hormûz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, and on the Arabian side of the gulf, Suhâr and Muscat in `Umân.
In 1510 the Portuguese took Goa (now part of India).
They made it a base for operations in Africa and the Far East. In 1513 they took Karaman, an island at the entrance to the Red Sea.
Augustinian involvement
Augustinians on the East African Coast: Mombasa (the island of "Old Mombasa", today part of Kenya) in 1597 by Pedro de Nazareth O.S.A., Melinde (today in Tanzania), Muscat (today in Oman) in 1597, Mogadishu (today in Somalia), Zanzibar (an island, today part of Tanzania: http://www.zanzibar-island.com/zanzibar/zanzibar.gif)
Location of former Augustinian missions
Pemba is an island just north of Zanzibar: http://www.zanzibar-island.com/zanzibar/zanzibar.gif
Melinde (on mainland) = Malindi in today's Kenya
Kilwa is an island 2 kms off Tanzania
Mogadishu is in Somalia
Zanzibar an island, part of Tanzania
Suhar and Muscat are in Oman, in the Middle East rather than on the African continent.
Map of Africa.
Timeline of Portuguese Activity in East Africa, 1498-1700. Copyright 1998 by Jim Jones of West Chester University, United States of America

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Africa: East - 02
   Africa: East - 02
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