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This fourth major section of Augnet features the history of the Order of Saint Augustine successively at the international, regional and local levels.
Its final part then offers the biography of numerous members and associates of the Order.
Photo (at right): The Augustinian community almost 150 years ago at Brno in the Czech Republic during 1862. Gregor Mendel O.S.A. is at the right end of  the back row, looking at a plant in his hand. ID2716

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General International history of the Order of Saint Augustine, and that of larger sections of the world,
Regional History The Augustinian history of nations and of Augustinian Provinces is here arranged alphabetically.
Places In this part of Augnet, the pages describe local history.
People Persons in the history of the Order of Saint Augustine are here given in alphabetical order.
St Augustine : Community in 1862 Augustinian Abbey Brno<bb>Czech Republic
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