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The Augustinian General Curia in Rome has identified the BabaDogo program as the specific project of the Order for the Augustinian Jubilee 2004-2006.
BabaDogo is a very large sprawling slum housing complex for 72,000 people in Nairobi, Kenya, where basic necessities are lacking.
It is a poor area of the city, with a very high level of unemployment.
For a basic coverage of the BabaDogo parish and the challenges that its people face, go to these two sections of the web site of the Augustinian Parish of Clare, England.
The reports there are first-hand:
In coordination with the program of the civil government for combating HIV/Aids, the parish hopes to offer medical attention to 3,000 people.
It also desires to offer information and well as training for 35,000 people considered to have a high risk for contracting Tuberculosis and HIV/Aids.
A team of volunteer health workers will visit homes regularly to encourage and facilitate visits to the clinic, providing essential services (nursing care and food) for those critically ill and unable to walk to the clinic.
Other Augustinian ministries in other parts of the world can manifest their commitment to this project in various ways: by promoting awareness, prayer, economic support or a temporary volunteer service.
BabaDogo. A graphic coverage by visitors from the Augustinian parish of Clare, England.

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BabaDogo project - 01
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