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Africa: focus

St Augustine : Augustinian parish Mahanje, Tanzania
Augustinian parish
Mahanje, Tanzania

The international General Chapter of the Augustinian Order in 2001 made the following statement:
"The general chapter wishes us to turn our attention to the African continent.
This is especially so in relation to nations that are south of the Sahara, where there are conditions of extreme urgency and need, aggravated by the hardship of the AIDS crisis, the scarcity of the production of essential food, and both political and social instability.
In the face of these difficulties, the international community, the Church and our Order have a vital role to play.
The challenge is much bigger than that which can be reached by individuals, no matter how dedicated they are.
It falls to the Christian community to announce the good news of the Bible in Africa today. Africa is a land close to our hearts, since it was there that Saint Augustine founded his first religious communities.
In answer to a sign of the times and as faithful sons and daughters of Augustine, we ought to direct our hearts and our energies towards Africa, contributing from our spiritual inheritance to the evangelisation of this continent, so much in need of the good news.
This does not mean only looking for new missions, but also to strengthen and support the present state of the Order there. We shall urge collaboration between all the communities of the Order in this direction.
The General Council shall seek financial support from the circumscriptions of the Order for programs of initial and continuing formation for our members in Africa.
A special effort shall be made to organise an Augustinian Community as a real evangelising presence in Africa. The Augustinian communities in the whole world ought to promote the African cause in our apostolic activities".
 The General Council proposed to all those belonging to the Order that they make a collective effort to carry out the following projects:

1. International Formation House in Nairobi (Kenya).

For the Augustinian professed of Kenya, Congo and probably Nigeria and Tanzania.

2. A Secondary School in Nigeria.

This educational centre will be led by the Province of Nigeria.

3. Scholarships for the formation house in Nairobi (Kenya).

To help the African constituencies in the formation of their candidates.

4. Help to those afflicted by AIDS in BabaDogo (Kenya).

This sanitarium is situated in the Augustinian parish of Nairobi, on the edge of the city. The Sisters of Charity also work here.

5. Campaign against famine in Dessa-Zoume (The Republic of Benin).

This program is being led by the Province of Nigeria.

Together for a collective testimony of solidarity!

For further information, write to:

Curia Generaliza Agostiniana, Via Paolo VI, 25 - 00193 Roma, Telephone 06 680 061  ID0843

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Africa: focus
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