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Justice & Peace - 04

St Augustine : Augustinians, Italy
Augustinians, Italy



a. The integration of the laity in the projects of Justice and Peace.
b. To urge the creation of the Secretariat for Justice and Peace in the circumscriptions where it does not yet exist and to empower it where it does.
c. To present to the next General Chapter the inclusion of Justice and Peace as a special section in the Constitutions.
d. To participate in a more decisive fashion in justice and peace campaigns, but to not limit ourselves solely to them.
e. To become more aware of the presence of the Order in the United Nations and to encourage each circumscription to become more involved in this work.
f. To urge the establishment of "solidarity funds" (SolidarityFunds) as a way of helping those in need.
g. To continue the works of assistance and charity that already exist, but with an adequate formation in the meaning of the dignity of the human person.
h. To encourage further the projects on behalf of those who are poor.
i. To promote political activism, in an Augustinian fashion, in each of the circumscriptions.
j. To have a full-time person in the Order who directs Justice and Peace, as well as the respective representatives in the United Nations.
k. To involve the Major Superiors more in the challenges that the mission of justice and peace presents to each circumscription.
a. In a decisive and courageous way, to employ the various media of communications as the voice of those who are not given a public voice in their society.
b. To be aware of what the circumscriptions have in terms of Justice and Peace.
c. To plan courses and more periodic reflections about justice and peace.
d. To put together an annual calendar with objectives and activities regarding the area of justice and peace.
e. To organise frequent meetings by regions in order to cover themes of justice and peace, and to promote various initiatives.
f. To be aware of and support activities for justice and peace by entities other than the churches.
g. Take more advantage of the Justice and Peace Bulletin of the Order, with its formative and informative nature, as well as the different web pages available. ID2071


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