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Life of Augustine

This first major section of Augnet features the main highlights of the life of Augustine.

Its first three parts move through events in his life in a chronological order - his early years in Africa, his formative years in Italy, and the rest of his life back in Africa.

The fourth part examines some general matters that span much of his life.

The fifth part presents a view of the social, political and religious environment in which Augustine lived. ID2713


More Information

Growing up The parents of Augustine, his years as a child and as an adolescent, his education
In Italy These pages describe Augustine during the years in Italy, between the years 383 to 387 A.D..
In Africa Again Augustine from the year 388 until his death in 430 A.D. is here.
Augustine in general This part of Augnet describes the varied and numerous roles that Augustine undertook.
His era The historical factors that helped to shape the life, activity and thought of Augustine.
St Augustine : Augustine rra de Cipo, Brazil
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