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Hunger: Introduction

Hunger is one problem we can actually solve. We can end hunger; we have the means.

Hunger is as much a cause as a consequence of the poverty that keeps families in a vicious cycle from one generation to the next.

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Hunger: Facts - 01: Hunger is one problem we can actually solve. We can end hunger; we have the means. Hunger is one problem we can actually solve. We can end hunger; we have the means.

Hunger: Facts - 02: Of the world's hungry people, 300 million are children of school age.

Hunger: Facts - 03: Some 57 countries, with half of the world's people, have halved the share of people living in hunger or are on track to do so by 2015.

Hunger: Facts - 04: There are three main challenges in relation to feeding all people. And global food shortage is not one of them.

Hunger: Facts - 05: Hunger and malnutrition. More people die in hunger than in war.

Hunger: Facts - 06: One child dies every five seconds of hunger-related causes.

Hunger: Facts - 07: The nine myths about hunger.

Hunger: Goals - 01: The Goals are to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, eliminate gender inequality and environmental degradations, and ensure access to education, health services and clean water, all by 2015.

Hunger: Goals - 02: There is a lack of social and political will to change the systems that keep people hungry and poor.

Hunger: Goals - 03: A covenant in 1966 developed the concept of "the fundamental right of everyone to be free from hunger."

Hunger: Why? - 01:  Global food supplies are sufficient to meet the calorie requirements of all people in the world. Why, therefore, is there so much hunger in the world?
Hunger: Why? - 02: The system is that the poor feed the rich. The problem is systemic.
Hunger: Why? - 03:  It is of critical importance that the industrialised countries phase out agricultural policies that harm trade.
Hunger: Why? - 04: The Catholic Church declares that we are obliged to support the poor, and not just from our surplus.
Hunger Campaign - 01: Hunger is more deadly than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
Hunger Campaign - 02: More than 100 million children in the world who cannot attend school simply because they are poor and hungry.
Hunger Campaign - 03: Some possible justice actions to help promote the Hunger Awareness Campaign.
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Hunger: Introduction
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