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Italy: OSA Curia - 02

St Augustine : Augustinianum Via S. Paolo VI Rome, Italy
Via S. Paolo VI
Rome, Italy
As a standard Augustinian community, the Augustinian Curia comprises the members of the General Curia and a number of other Augustinians.
Like any other Augustinian community, it has a Prior, who uniquely has the Prior_General as a member of the community.
(For the role of the Curia in the governance of the Order of Saint Augustine, click here.)
The Augustinian property containing the Curia also has two other significant buildings. One of them is the Augustinianum (See photo at right).
This is the postgraduate Patristic Institute that the Augustinians conduct for the Vatican as the official centre of learning about the theology of the early centuries of the Christian Church.
The largest building on the property is Saint Monica's International College. It houses the other Augustinian community on the site.
It comprises mainly the teachers and students within this institute that educates and provides accommodation for Augustinians studying for the priesthood and for postgraduate degrees in Rome.
A third Augustinian community lives literally across the other side of St Peter's Square. There work and live the Augustinians who administer the Parish Church of Saint Anne, in which parish all of Vatican City is included.
When visiting there on one occasion, the previous Pope with humour accurately said that he was visiting his parish priest.
To see three pictures of St Anne's Church on Augnet, click here.
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Augustinianum. Web page of the Augustinian Patristic Institute in Rome.


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Italy: OSA Curia - 02
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