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St Augustine : Augustinian logo
Augustinian logo

The heart aflame and a book have always featured in almost any Augustinian-related logo, and have great significance to everybody in the tradition of Augustine.
The heart is aflame, and pierced by an arrow; both these suggest love - the love of God and of all humanity.
The arrow, piercing the heart and causing a droplet of blood, also reminds us of the prayer of Saint Augustine, "Lord, you have wounded me with your Word."
The book represents the teachings of the gospel, the writings of Augustine, and the commitment of the Order of Saint Augustine to learning, for Augustine said that the whole world is our classroom for our whole life.
The present logo is about forty years old, and is thought to have been designed in the United States.
If anyone can send more details, please inform the Augnet webmaster by using the Contact button at the bottom of the screen.
Older versions of the logo were more ornate, and sometimes also featured an Augustinian cincture (cinctura) and the mitre and crozier ("rod") of a bishop.
The Augnet logo very obviously displays the Augustinian symbols, and adds the globe to indicate its worldwide electronic reach.
The Traditional Emblem. From the web site of the Augustinians in Australia.
Augustinian Logo. The emblem of the Augustinian Order represents our Augustinian spirituality (spiritual tradition). The flaming heart is the human heart. It reminds of the love of God and for all people that Augustine demonstrated.
The Augustinian heart is passionately alive, with the desire to know God and experience divine love in our lives.
The open book represents the conversion of Augustine to the Christian Faith and the Bible.
It also symbolises the Word of God, source of light and truth, and the quest for wisdom.
The arrow which pierces the heart represents the Spirit of God piercing our hearts, calling us to continued growth in faith, hope and love. From the web site of the Mid-West Augustinians in the United States of America. ID0547

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