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In Thagaste

St Augustine : Baslica of Augustine Annaba, Algeria
Baslica of Augustine
Annaba, Algeria
Augustine was born and raised in Thagaste - now re-named Souk-Ahras, Algeria.
The town of Tagaste (the present Souk-Ahras in Algeria) was situated in the north-east highlands of Numidia, some 75 kilometres (sixty miles) from Hippo Regius (the present Annaba [Bone]) the sea-side city where Augustine was to spend the last 40 years of his life.
It was about a dozen kilometres (15 miles) from Madaura (the present M'Daourouch, Algeria) where he went to "prep" school.
And it is about 200 kilometres (160 miles) from Carthage on the coast of present day Tunisia, where he was to go for higher education and where he was to spend the early years of his teaching career.
The more so because of name changes over the centuries, an understanding of the previous Thagaste and the present Souk-Ahras is necessary. So let us start by looking at the following map of Algeria and Tunisia today:
Souk Ahras (formerly Thagaste) is nearby.  http://www.frebend.com/associations/asat/.
Peter_Brown. A little of the era of Augustine in Thagaste is imaginatively covered by a biographer of Augustine, Peter_Brown. For an image of the district in Augustine's day, read Peter_Brown at: http://www.ucpress.edu/books/pages/1110001/1110001.excerpt.html
Thagaste. A description in the opening section of an essay on the spiritual tradition of Augustine. By by Don Burt O.S.A.
Souk Ahras: ville natale de Saint Augustin. (This web page was written in the French language.)

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In Thagaste
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