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USA: East Harlem

St Augustine : Holy Rosary Church East Harlem
Holy Rosary Church
East Harlem

In 1978 Holy Rosary Parish at East Harlem in New York City was entrusted by the late Terence Cardinal Cooke to the Augustinians of the Augustinian Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus of the Philippines.

(This is the missionary “ Philippines Province” formed in in the year 1575, and now operative in many parts of the world.)

In 1978 Rev. Nicanor L. Lana, O.S.A. Ph.D. became the first Augustinian pastor of Holy Rosary Parish.

When he was recalled by his religious superiors to head the Augustinian house in Neguri, Bilbao, Spain, Rev. Angel S. Dulanto O.S.A., succeeded him. Late in 2006 Rev. Gilbert Luis R. Centina III 0.S.A then became the next pastor.

Gilbert Centina O.S.A. is well known and respected for his poetry.


At present, three other Augustinian friars work with the current pastor as parochial vicars: Rev. Abel G. Alvarez O.S.A. and Rev. Jose H. Herrero O.S.A. 

The parish began in 1884 on its present site, and the present stone church was dedicated in February 1900. With population changes in the area, by 1975 Masses were celebrated there in English, Italian and Spanish. 


In a church restoration project that in August 2006 is using voluntary labour, the statues in the church are being repainted. Already completed is the statue of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, in whose name the parish and the parish church are dedicated.



Fundraising for $75,000 is also under way so that major work can be done, such as repairs to the roof of the church, the repainting of the interior walls, and the rehabilitation of some interior columns that have deteriorated since the church was built in the year 1900.


Parish renewal is also underway in another sense, involving a renewal of liturgy and the enhancement of participation by parishioners in parish life. 


As one small way of assisting the poor and homeless people of the area, parish groups provide a Thanksgiving dinner in the church social hall on a Sunday near the U.S. national celebration of Thanksgiving in November, and distrinute food and clothing donated by parishioners.





A full history of the parish is available at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Rosary_Parish-East_Harlem

A sample copy of the parish bulletin can be viewed as a PDF file by clicking here.


The parish web site is http://www.nyholyrosary.org/





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USA: East Harlem
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